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Hantverksakademin is an upper secondary school with 500 students and 100 adult students who attend vocational education and training for a trade. Both young and adult students train to learn a variety of skilled trades anything from hairdressers and florists to plumbers and carpenters and more professions associated trades. Adult students have their own list of trades that varies somewhat from the young students list of trades.

Upper secondary students do a craft orientation in the first year to help them select the direction of trade that they want to work with in the future. All upper secondary students try all 9 different workshops at the school during the first term of the first academic year. The students have the opportunity to work with different materials and techniques in various trades.

The goal of the craft orientation is to create a desire and curiosity for the broad range of trades available. It also makes students try professions that they would normally not choose because of their gender.

During the second and third academic year the students spend about 30% at school and 70% in apprenticeship.

These are our workshops.

Locksmith and electrics
Here you can train to become repairman of white goods, security alarm installer and installer of electrical locks.

Here you can train to become a professional florist.

Here, students can train to such as tailors, hatters, sailmakers, canopy makers, upholsterers, etc.

This workshop trains you to become saddlers, handbagmakers , car saddle maker, shoemaker, glover, etc.

Here you can become a potter or ceramicist.

This is one of the largest workshops at Hantverksakademin. There are many skilled trades who work with the material metal, like sheet metal workers, welders, plumbers, car-platers but also gold- and silversmiths.

This workshop is mostly for hairdressers but one can also train in nails and make-up. Students can also become wig-makers here.

In the woodshop students cannot only train to become carpenters, construction carpenters, cabinet makers, furniture makers, but also musical instrument makers.

Here one trains to become painters, decorative painters, and decorators.

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